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HCMA Announces three new Principals

How we live, work and play is changing radically. As a result, our role as architects and designers is changing, too. As a firm, we’ve made a conscious decision to be positive and proactive, to design for a better future. By expanding our practice, we hope to maximize our positive impact.


Community consultation is central to our public buildings, community spaces and master planning.

We work to deliver buildings that provide joy. We want our spaces to encourage people to enter, feel welcome, safe, equal and to foster connections and conversations. To build spaces that people truly identify with and make their own, we’ve honed our listening skills. Whether we are working with a non-profit like the Craft Council or the Aboriginal Mother’s Centre, or we are working on a civic community project like a pool, we ensure diverse community voices are at the table, that they are heard and that their needs are addressed.