Full shot of the exhibit mounted on the wall and the red title is easily red.

Who Is This For


Venice, Italy

Millions of people experience cities as spaces of alienation because of poor choices made by designers.

Who Is This For is an art installation and online experience by hcma that aims to replicate the discomfort, alienation, and frustration felt by those who cannot access or fully participate in public spaces.

The installation is a scaled composite of eleven global city grids, stitched together to form one urban commons. Each grid, from São Paulo to Mumbai, represents a specific manifestation of inequalities in the urban realm—and for some, a moment of organic hope.


Detailed shot of the exhibit on the floor before it was mounted on the wall. The small text in the red title is visible close up.

Made possible by the extensive efforts of the hcma team, Who Is This For first appeared at Time Space Existence, a biennial group exhibition presented by the European Cultural Centre in Venice, Italy, in 2023.

whoisthisfor.city extends the impact of the installation and seeks to prompt a global conversation about the need to design the world around us differently.

Through this piece, we seek to challenge designers to take responsibility for their work and be part of an inclusive solution to this global problem.

Who Is This For is also an expression of our longstanding commitment to designing inclusive spaces. Our interdisciplinary approach is key to that commitment. We know that, in the past, our work has been part of the problem. Today, however, we are dedicated to being part of the solution.

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