An evening view of Jasper public library, showcasing its organic wavy roof, geometric angles, and windows.

Jasper Place Library


Edmonton, Alberta

“What is a library with no books?” This was the unique scenario presented to the design team when replacing a crowded Edmonton branch library on the same site.

The resulting facility is an open and inviting community living room that welcomes all demographics with both its collections and its memorable, flexible spaces. Parents and tots play in the children’s area, students and seniors surf the internet, and various groups use the Community Room both during and after library hours.

A wavy roof connected to a floor-to-ceiling window, as well as a skylight.
Collections and connection

Knitters gather every other Tuesday in Jasper Place Library to share in craft and company. But knitting is just a means to a precious end: friendship. Together, they've stitched a community they can call upon.

This short film is part of The Space Between, a growing collection of stories that offer a glimpse into the lives of the people who use the buildings we design: the people we design for.

To learn more and discover other stories, visit The Space Between.

Interior view of library shelves, a staircase and floor-to-ceiling walls
Designing for the future of libraries

While twice the size to the library it replaced, the new Jasper Place Library has fewer items in its collection. This highlights a change in focus from the requirements of the collection to the potential for social space. The needs of the social spaces were given priority in the planning with the collections being used to define and enhance the social spaces.

Jasper Place points to a new definition of the public library as a social focus for the community it serves. The overall result is an open, inviting, memorable and much needed public space that provides a strong civic presence in a neighbourhood that lacked one for too long.

This project is a joint venture between hcma and DUB Architects.

Front of Jasper Public Library

“This place blows the socks off of people’s old impressions of libraries.”

Linda Sloan, Edmonton City Councillor


Edmonton Urban Design Awards | Award of Merit 2014

Prairie Design Awards | Merit 2014

World Architecture Festival Shortlist | Culture Category 2013

LEED Gold Certified

Design process
3D model of Jasper public Library
Diagram of design process
3D model of library

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