This is where
the magic happens

The humble, transformative power of human connection. The conversation held with a stranger while watching a game, the coffee shared between neighbours, the mentorship provided to someone learning a new skill.

After 40 years, we’ve heard a lot of stories emphasizing how our work can deliver life-affirming, life-changing impact. We’re excited to now share these stories with you.

The people behind the stories

We believe that all public buildings and spaces hold the potential to maximize social impact - by facilitating connections and conversations, experiences and relationships that foster community resilience and spark change.

The Space Between is a growing collection of videos that offers a glimpse into the lives of the people who use the public buildings that we design: the people we design for. These individuals have generously allowed us into a private story of theirs, sharing the ways in which hcma's community spaces have touched their lives.

The Space Between wouldn't be possible without the vision and curiosity of award-winning filmmaker Inder Nirwan of Kahani Pictures. Through open collaboration and dialogue, Inder and his team work with the individuals in each video to share their stories in their own words, on their own terms.

After decades of designing spaces that connect people, it's here that we return to: The Space Between. Check back in as we continue to document the magic of community and connection through impactful stories like these.