Ice rink with a geometric ceiling that has wooden beams along it.

Rosemary Brown Recreation Centre


Burnaby, BC

The Rosemary Brown Recreation Centre is a twin sheet facility intended to meet the City of Burnaby’s growing demand for ice sports.

The recreation centre includes two NHL ice surfaces with 200 spectator seats each, a large lobby and outdoor patio area, an informal kid’s play zone, multi-purpose rooms, skate shop and concession, and second floor viewing galleries.

It will be easily accessible; within walking distance of Byrne Creek Community School, Edmonds SkyTrain Station, and the emerging Southgate community.


Areas of impact

Outside view of Rosemary Brown Arena

The Rosemary Brown Recreation Centre will be a welcoming, sustainable, and innovative facility that supports the recreation needs of our growing community. This new facility will help us in our effort to become a more connected, inclusive, and healthy community.

Mike Hurley, Mayor of Burnaby

Ice rink with a geometric ceiling that has wooden beams along it.
Design challenge

The vision for the facility was to create a durable, high-functioning building based on best practices that elevated the quality of the ice experience beyond the traditional arena.

The constraints of a site with a tight footprint required a non-traditional arrangement of the two ice sheets at a right angle to each other, with the lobby positioned at the meeting point.

This arrangement provides better engagement of the lobby space with the ice sheets, and provided a friendlier, animated elevation to the street than a traditional arrangement would have allowed.

Design response

A unique structural approach floods the arenas with north-facing light without impacting ice quality, and features a dynamic, exposed mass timber roof atop a mixed steel-and-concrete base.

For spectators, we amplified the experience by providing second floor, warm-side viewing galleries. For children, an informal play area on the second floor promotes self-directed play.

The design also employs a number of sustainable design strategies to meet the City’s customized goals, including the capture and reuse of excess heat from the refrigeration system and water conservation strategies.

Ice rink with a geometric ceiling that has wooden beams along it.

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