A rendering of a large indoor pool with kids playing in the waterpark area and a range of people swimming and walking. The space contains high ceilings supported by neon yellow posts positioned at a diagonal, creating a triangle shape.

Crystal Pool Wellness and Fitness Centre


Victoria, BC

Nestled within an urban park, the new Crystal Pool Wellness and Fitness Centre replaces the only city-operated recreation centre that offers aquatic and fitness in Victoria– a rapidly growing community.  With growing densification came the need for recreational and community spaces that promote wellness, learning, healthy living, and inclusivity. This leisure-led centre represents Victoria’s commitment to encourage active living among its residents while also serving as an anchor to other local organizations in the area such as the Victoria YM/YWCA, the School District, Vancouver Island Health Authority, and Victoria Curling Club.

The indoor pool space will include four pool tanks ranging in size, depth and temperature to maximize programming flexibility and inclusivity for swimmers of all ages and abilities. A range of accessibility options including lifts, ramps and raised transfer edges will make this a leader in barrier-free aquatic design.

The freeform outline of the two-storey glazed building undulates in response to perimeter constraints of an existing clearing, creating exterior spaces, preserving and embracing trees to create a sense of swimming within the grove.

The Crystal Pool and Wellness Centre maximizes integration with its surrounding area, resulting in a welcoming and high-performing facility that accommodates a wide range of health and wellness activities for all walks of life.


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