Nighttime rendering of the outdoor seating area with lit gas fire pits at the Hollyburn Country Club.

Hollyburn Country Club Renewal


Vancouver, BC

In 2022, Hollyburn Country Club initiated the replacement of its food and beverage facilities to revitalize the spaces and their operation, reimagining their service offerings, increasing seating, and further advancing the patron experience. The relocation of youth and childminding spaces, meeting rooms, and administration offices, created a greater south-facing expanse for the restaurant, bistro, and event space with panoramic views across the city of Vancouver.

As a club with a longstanding legacy and highly engaged members, it was important that the project include an engagement process that allowed for this important input, while maintaining project momentum. Multiple stakeholder groups, including management staff, the Board of Directors, Renew ’22 Special Board Committee, Renew ’22 Member Design Advisory Committee, Youth Committee, Food and Beverage Committee, and an internal working group were all engaged throughout the design process for review and input.


Areas of impact

Fun, vibrant, colourful, and welcoming, the new youth and childminding program includes Hollyville, an active play area, Baby Haven, a quiet space for babies and their parents, as well as flex spaces. The layout is carefully designed to maximize daylight and durability. Generous natural light fills the administrative spaces, with existing north glazing and a skylight immediately visible upon entry.

Designed in collaboration with Box Interior Design, the food and beverage renovation creates a contemporary home away from home with a strong athletic spirit and inviting spaces that foster connections between families, friends, and fellow members. Each destination throughout the facility, including entry, family dining, bar, adult dining, patio, reception, events, and bistro, was designed as a curated experience that evokes a specific mood for members.

Hollyburn Country Club’s mission is to create opportunities for families to embrace lifelong athleticism and connection. The Renew ’22 project will further embed, reinforce, and express these values in new and exciting ways, while fostering a unique sense of belonging for members.

Wide-angle view of Hollyburn Country Club, which has eight tennis courts in front of this long white building.

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