Rendering of families enjoying the leisure pool at the Golden Aquatic Centre indoor pool. Wood ceilings and beams add warmth to the space, while the large windows provide full views of the mountains.

Golden and Area Aquatic Centre


Golden, BC

The Golden and Area Aquatic Centre will be home grown. It will proudly reflect the unique character of its place, and bring all regional residents together through inclusive recreational activities. It will be a year-round, vibrant community hub that provides health and wellness opportunities for all.

After leading an in-depth engagement and feasibility process, hcma was engaged to design the future Golden Aquatic Centre, a community amenity nestled along the Kicking Horse River. Indoor-outdoor connectivity is central to the design, allowing for an immersive,  year-round swimming experience among the mountainous landscape, so that the community can feel centered in the grandeur of Golden’s natural surroundings.

The project is a new, physically distinct addition to a site which already contains the Golden & District Arena and the Golden Curling Club. A new public plaza will serve as an outdoor connection and gathering area between the entrances of the arena and the new aquatic centre. The project includes a six lane 25m pool, hot pool, universal change rooms, administration area, and a small lobby and reception at the entrance.


Areas of impact

Golden has a unique history of volunteer community initiatives, including the fundraising and construction of the existing Golden Outdoor Pool in 1957 that was entirely volunteer-led. To continue this legacy, the project team has connected with local trades and manufacturers, particularly within the timber and lumber industry, so that the new aquatic centre can share these local roots.

Throughout feasibility and into later phases, a significant commitment was made to sustainable design strategies. Specifically, to prioritize inclusive and accessible spaces and a climate resilient, low energy and low carbon design in both embodied and operational emissions.

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