This shot of the brightly lit interior of Mill Woods Library at night highlights the cut-out feature corner of the building.

Mill Woods Library, Seniors + Multicultural Facility


Edmonton, AB

The Mill Woods Library replaced a facility that had been experiencing large and steady increases in demand, rapidly becoming the second most visited Edmonton Public Library branch. The inclusive, inviting, and flexible facility is designed to meet the area’s present and future needs, through the creation of an important civic hub it had previously lacked. The design supports a more compact, walkable, and transit-oriented and pedestrian-friendly communities.

The facility more than doubles the library’s size and provides a new seniors’ and community activity facility. It invites the outside in by revealing the library functions through a sculptural interior space with the support spaces hidden within the building’s ‘solid’ portions.

This project is LEED Gold Certified and was completed in joint venture with DUB Architects.

Imagining a greater impact

Books are transformative. At Mill Woods Library, two teachers and their children share how reading has shaped their lives. As newcomers to Canada, they now call Edmonton home—and Mill Woods their home branch.

This short film is part of The Space Between film series, a growing collection of stories that offer a glimpse into the lives of the people who use the buildings we design: the people we design for.

To learn more and discover other stories, visit The Space Between.

"Offering interesting architecture, a diverse customer base, and shared community space, the Mill Woods branch is one of the busiest libraries in Edmonton and a well-loved fixture in south east Edmonton."

Edmonton Public Library

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