A view of the entrance into the washrooms from the indoor pool deck at Gordon Head Recreation Centre features bright blue and yellow tiles.

Gordon Head Recreation Centre Revitalization


Victoria, BC

The Gordon Head Recreation Centre required upgrades to some of its original spaces, to allocate space for a preschool, and to augment existing general multi-purpose space.

Originally built in 1971, the Centre has seen many additions over the last 35 plus years. Its first renovation and addition project completed in 2009 is comprised of three parts: renovation of several dry-side program spaces, including the creation of a new home for the pre-school program inside the facility; the renovation of the change rooms to better serve the pool patrons; and the addition of bright, new and airy multi-purpose rooms, to increase the dry-side program offerings.

With a fixed and limited budget, hcma worked closely with staff and the facility operator through various options to arrive at a solution that provided the desired improvements to the facility, arriving at a final solution well within the allotted budget.

In 2015, hcma designed a new welcome desk to improve ergonomic work conditions for staff and improve patron flow during registration and admission. 

hcma has also been preparing a long-term visioning study for the facility to compare the benefits of seismically retrofitting the original pool hall in its current configuration to the operational improvements and opportunities at a larger scale.


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