A view of the Maple Leaf Outdoor Pool. It is surrounded by trees and greenery.

Maple Leaf Outdoor Pool


Regina, SK

hcma, in collaboration with P3A Architecture,designed the replacement of Maple Leaf Outdoor Pool in Regina. Current best practices in aquatic design were key considerations for the facility. The project team explored many possibilities in aquatic design and operation and garnered understanding for the City’s objectives in delivering the renewed facility.

The Maple Leaf Outdoor Pool is an urban neighbourhood swimming amenity in city-centre Regina. This fast-track project replaced a rectangular 25m tank and change room facility with a combined 25m lap and leisure salt-water tank with beach entry and a new universal change room and lifeguard facility. By including a leisure area with beach entry in the replacement pool, patron access to the swimming facility is dramatically improved for all ages and abilities. The replacement change room facility also increases accessibility and inclusivity by providing a wide range of sized non-gendered cubicles with robust finishes.


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