Street view of North Park Passive House. It is a colourful and symmetrical building that showcase solar panels on its roof.

North Park Passive House


Victoria, BC

This 6-unit condominium building is the first purpose-built condominium building in Canada to achieve the International Passive House standard for energy efficiency. The project demonstrates that such buildings are not only more comfortable and sustainable, but also economical and achievable. hcma and Bernhardt Contracting worked together on Passive House Planning Package performance modelling to develop construction detailing and select windows, doors and building envelope components to ensure improved thermal performance and to control air leakage.

In the winter heating period, each two-bedroom apartment is heated by roughly 700 Watts of electric heat by way of electric coils under the bathroom tiles and a wall mounted convective heater. This is equivalent power to a medium sized microwave oven or hair drier. Solar panels have been installed on the roof, with net metering capabilities to further offset energy costs. The 26 panels produce 6.5kW of power which represents roughly 50% of the power usage for the building. The residents have agreed to a one-year monitoring of energy usage which is being gathered by RDH as well as moisture sensors in the building envelope in order to test the building performance.

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