Birds-eye-view of docks and buildings along the ocean

Dockside Green Site Wide Rezoning


Victoria, BC

Imagine a community where you could live and work, grab lunch from a locally-owned bakery or food truck, cycle along the waterfront, walk downtown within 10 minutes and stroll through a beautiful greenway on your way home. Now imagine that community has set new standards for environmentally-conscious design. It’s not imaginary, it’s Dockside Green.


Dockside green close up birds-eye-view of park square surrounded by buildings
Coloured drawing of Dockside Green Site from above
Design Challenge

Dockside Green is committed to building a neighbourhood where citizens can gather, find fresh food, places to play and create, and can easily access downtown and the surrounding neighbourhoods. Its design principles are rooted in innovation while responding to real life situations and needs.

The development of this waterfront community began prior to the economic downturn of 2008, but the full plans for the site have yet to be realized. Tasked with updating the existing master plan to respond to today’s market, we began by asking: ‘what will make Dockside Green an even more inviting place to be?’ This question was central to the intensive public engagement process. With people already living and working in the community, a consensus-based process was crucial to support the further development of this vibrant, mixed-use community.

Close up, coloured drawing displaying co-housing, orchards and community garden.
Two people's hands writing notes on a map of Dockside Green Site
Map with sticky notes placed along it.

Dockside Green LLP, now affiliated with VanCity , had a vision  to foster a more diverse and vibrant neighbourhood, which is strongly connected to the wider Victoria West community. When revisiting the community’s master plan, it was clear that a range in both type and scale of open spaces, each with a specific character related to its anticipated use, was necessary.

 Map of Dockside Green Site
Reimagining a neighbourhood

Leading a collaborative process of re-engagement with the City of Victoria, existing residents, citizens and interest groups in the surrounding neighbourhoods, the engagement process has included public consultation, workshops, design charrettes, and meetings with all relevant interest groups to secure feedback and input. With this collaborative approach, an updated Neighbourhood Plan has been established which recognizes the legacy of environmental sustainability and incorporates a greater focus on social sustainability, while also ensuring the economic viability and development potential inherent in the site. This option has received strong community support and is being further developed to form the basis for a rezoning application.

A globally-recognized sustainable community

The developing community is committed to creating a well-loved, culturally rich neighbourhood where the mix of people and environment support a healthy and vibrant local economy. This holistic approach to sustainability addresses social, economic and environmental sustainability. The community is a certified LEED Platinum Neighbourhood Development, which to enhances and maintain the ecological health of the community and pays close attention to water conservation, energy conservation, and district energy systems.

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