A couple walking their Golden Retriever dog past a brick building.

Arbutus Walk


Vancouver, BC

Part of the highly successful Arbutus Walk development in Kitsilano, the Mozaiek and Ansonia complement the surrounding neighbourhood and create a vibrant medium-density neighbourhood along 12th Avenue and Vine Street. The Ansonia is a six-storey concrete building inspired in part by the classic New York brownstone style. Featuring brick and stone detailing, planters and detailed metal railings, the building draws on the historic architectural language of the former brewery and factories that occupied the site, while providing a fresh slightly industrial style through the use of black mullions and upper acrylic finish storeys.

The project includes 81 units ranging from one-storey condos to two-level homes with street entrances. The Mozaiek offers 30 apartment flats and two-storey, city homes located in a 4-storey concrete building. The building located on Vine Street, facing Connaught Park, occupies the historical site of a previous police station; the corner concrete façade echoes this earlier design.


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