Students walking through school staircases and balconies

Oak Bay High School


Victoria, BC

The replacement Oak Bay High School continues a legacy of academics, athletics, and fine arts. Supporting a population of 1,300 students, the facility showcases 21st century learning principles by focusing on flexible learning environments, informal collaborative spaces, visual connections, and generous natural light and ventilation.


Areas of impact

Students sitting on a staircase, viewing the interior of the building
Two students doing art in the art room.

“I think this facility here really encourages people to learn and makes people want to learn because of the openness, the lightness. It makes people have a better attitude towards learning because it is such a nice and positive facility.”

Nicole Quast, Grade 10 student, Oak Bay High School

Students running in the school gym
Students doing woodwork in the woodwork room
Design Response

Integrated at the heart of the community, the facility supports a new chapter in the school’s rich traditions. It includes a state-of-the-art performing arts facility, sports fields and a Neighbourhood Learning Centre which supports teen programs, daycare and other community activities. The creative integration of salvaged wood and artifacts from the previous school have become feature elements in the new, 21st Century school.

Male sitting on the centre of the school theatre stage, looking out into the seats
Wall of windows with people walking on balcony and staircase in front of it

"Oak Bay High is a great example of our vision for B.C. schools, where the school is part of the community and the community is part of the school. It will be a place where students can gain the skills they need to succeed in the future and residents can access the performing arts theatre and a wide range of services at the Neighbourhood Learning Centre."

Peter Fassbender, Former Minister of Education

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