Shot of the vehicular entrance of the complex.

Townley Place


Victoria, BC

The existing Townley Place site was redeveloped to create a vibrant, multi-generational community, supported by affordable and sustainable senior and family rental units. Originally constructed in 1966, the existing senior’s housing reached the end of its useful life and was demolished to make way for a vibrant new community. The site required rezoning to accommodate contemporary residential densities.

The wood construction development consists of 54 senior’s apartments and 10 family-oriented townhouse units, including 23 studio apartments, 31 one-bedroom units, 8 three-bedroom units and 2 four-bedroom units. It emphasizes energy efficiency and sustainability – including passive design features – alongside affordability and community building. Social, environmental and economic impact are supported through increased density and street vitality, walkability, diversity in age and family-type, health and wellness, urban gardening, water conservation, solar orientation, natural ventilation, and energy efficiency. It has become a welcome addition to the neighborhood, which includes single-family residential units, school fields, a church and Bowker Creek.

Areas of impact

The initial planning and design for the project was for all buildings to achieve Passive House level of energy performance. Due to budget demands, this aspect of the project was removed at time of tender. Upon completion, the building achieved Step Code 4, with the smaller townhouses achieving Step Code 3 or 4, depending on their air tightness testing.

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