A rendering of the exterior front entry to Henry Hudson Elementary School. The building is white and beige brick with dusty red accents and landscaped with trees, grass and plants.

Henry Hudson Elementary School


Vancouver, BC

The new Henry Hudson Elementary School will fully replace an existing elementary school identified as high-risk in the event of a seismic event. The new school will continue to serve the community of Kitsilano with a student capacity of 341 students and childcare services in the form of pre-school care, as well as out-of-school care programs.

In addition, the school will now include a rooftop 74-space childcare facility operated by the City of Vancouver, which will provide infant, toddler, and preschool programs, as well as a multipurpose space. A neighborhood learning space comprising 15% additional floor area is also being added, creating multipurpose spaces that can support the after-school program as well as other community uses.

In its design, the school will support learning everywhere, not just in classrooms. Learning neighborhoods of 2-3 classrooms are each bounded by an informal learning commons, supported by learning support rooms and flexible breakout spaces.

The project is pursuing LEED Gold.


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