A nighttime view through the open retractable doors into the lap pool at Walnut Grove Community Centre.

Walnut Grove Community Centre


Langley, BC

The Township of Langley needed an extensive expansion and renovation to the existing Walnut Grove Community Centre. The objective was to provide an inspiring, light-filled and energy-efficient recreation facility.

Natural lighting, natural ventilation and breathtaking mountain views provide users with a refreshing and inspirational recreation experience at Walnut Grove Community Centre. A striking conical skylight, long acoustically reflective panels and large expansive glazing energize the aquatic facility and sufficiently light the facility without artificial aid during daylight hours. Visitors to the fitness area and aerobics studio are offered views of the pool area and the outdoors. This expansion and renovation includes a 6000 m2 aquatic centre and 3000 m2 renovations to the existing community centre.


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