Mock-up of a series On Deck engagement campaign posters.

On Deck branded engagement


Golden, BC

Originally opened in 1978, the Town of Golden’s outdoor pool has played an essential role in the British Columbia community as a beloved amenity summer after summer. But, as the facility continued to age and the community around it evolved, so too did the need for a year-round, indoor aquatic centre become increasingly clear.

In 2019, hcma began a partnership with the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD), in partnership with the Town of Golden, to assess the feasibility of a new indoor aquatic centre, exploring the technical design and cost implications based on a wide range of input from the community.

hcma developed “On Deck,” a campaign to capture the aspirations of community members, establish a unifying vision for a future aquatic centre, and key principles to support that vision.


Areas of impact

With public engagement and the feasibility study complete, On Deck continued to be the face of the project and support ongoing communications in the lead-up to a public referendum on October 15, 2022.  That day, the community voted overwhelmingly in support of the project: 1,477 Yes votes to 573 No votes.

Now, as the development of the new aquatic centre is officially underway, the On Deck campaign continues to be the public face of the project, bringing continuity and impact. As a result of the campaign's longevity, the original brand we had developed was refreshed in 2022, bringing new life and vitality to the beloved identity.

For years, we’ve designed successful branded campaigns to promote community engagement for our public projects. Now, we’re inviting the community to help shape the design of these same engagement campaigns, most recently for On Deck, the face of a five-year effort (with another three to five years to go) to achieve community support for an indoor aquatic centre in the town of Golden. Thanks to a series of workshops with a volunteer committee of local residents, what started out as a cheerful but basic campaign to attract attention and build community support has evolved into a sophisticated communications tool and a brand steeped in the vibrant character and natural beauty of Golden.

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