If you could tilt your perspective, just for a moment, what might you see differently? How might that change everything?

The notion of TILT is embedded throughout HCMA. We constantly tilt/shift our perspective during the design process, and TILT is where we extend this into the world around us.

It’s where we take risks. It's where we have the freedom to fail. TILT reminds us to explore, be curious, question conventions, and make connections with people and communities in ways that don’t happen unless someone creates the space for it.

From HCMA Days and TILT City which are devoted to playful discovery in the public realm, to opening our studio doors to host community events like CreativeMornings/Vancouver and our Artists in Residence (AIR) program, we actively seek out opportunities to learn about the human condition because it makes us better architects, designers, and people.

That work, that inquiry, is TILT.

Want to find out more about TILT?

Contact Steve DiPasquale at tilt@hcma.ca

“TILT is an exciting opportunity to explore the world inside and outside architecture with a myriad of possibilities for inspiration, learning and innovation. If you’d like to learn more or discuss a possible collaboration, please contact me soon.”