Curiosity is natural, but it must be nurtured.

That’s the purpose of TILT — a space we carve out to nurture our sense of wonder. By taking inspiration from the world around us, we change our understanding of it.

It’s also a way of introducing even more creative influences to the mix, while reminding us to explore, be curious, and question conventions. By teaming up with artists, community groups, and thinkers, we share ideas and techniques to imagine wider possibilities.

From hosting community events like TILT Talks and Life Drawing, to staff-focused explorations, like hcma Day, we actively seek out opportunities to learn because it makes us better designers, thinkers, and people.

Want to find out more about TILT?

Contact Bandana Singh at

“TILT is an exciting opportunity to explore the world inside and outside architecture with a myriad of possibilities for inspiration, learning and innovation. If you’d like to learn more or discuss a possible collaboration, please contact me soon.”