A render of the Saanich Fire Station. It shows its flat roof with the fire staircase poking up from the top.

Saanich Fire Station 2


Victoria, BC

Saanich Fire Station 2 will replace an existing single crew, two bay station on a corner lot at Royal Oak Drive and Elk Lake Drive— a busy intersection, including a transit interchange that required close coordination with BC Transit and the Ministry of Transportation. The new station has been designed to meet the operational requirements and establish a prominent civic presence for the Fire Department in this area of the District of Saanich.

The new station will provide spaces for two crews including two drive through bays. Three additional tandem drive through bays will provide storage for additional apparatus currently stored in exterior locations at various locations. A public meeting room, training facilities and expansion space are also integrated into the building and site.

The facility is being designed to be in alignment with the District’s sustainability goals which include an 80% reduction in GHG’s by 2050. The design balances the operational needs of the fire service with a layout that ensures rapid response and durability while striving for high energy performance. The simple building form, constructed of heavy timber includes an expanded south facing roof surface that maximizes potential for a power generating solar array that is anticipated to generate enough renewable energy to make it a net zero energy building. A ground source heat pump will provide domestic hot water as well as space heating and cooling.

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