Infinity edge pool, hot tub at Minoru Centre for Active Living. The space features high ceilings, full height windows, and an undulating ceiling.

Minoru Centre for Active Living


Richmond, BC

Located in the historic green heart of Richmond’s city centre, the Minoru Centre for Active Living replaces three existing facilities and represents the next step in the area’s evolution and a legacy for Richmond residents.

The iconic, destination facility acts as a gateway to the 105-year-old Minoru Park and supports active living and wellness for all ages. It includes an aquatic centre focused on health and therapy, an older adult community centre, fitness centre, athletic team rooms, event spaces, and an outdoor community plaza.

While the area was already home to a range of community facilities and amenities, the Minoru Centre for Active Living is now the hub of Richmond’s recreational, social, and cultural life.

Mother and son swimming in the infinity pool.
Minoru Centre at night, showcasing all its windows.
Someone diving into a pool.

The Centre plays a pivotal urban role in shaping and bookending the Granville Avenue civic precinct, reconnecting this key street to the city’s green heart: Minoru Park. The public realm design reaffirms the park’s role as a valuable public amenity, capable of hosting major cultural events, intimate family gatherings, boisterous athletic competitions, and bustling farmers’ markets. This rich public experience supports a diverse and socially-sustainable community.

Made up of three main components — a 6,410 m² health-focused aquatic centre, a community centre for seniors, and a sports field — this iconic, destination facility on Canada’s West Coast represents a new integrated community centre model. It supports users of all ages and diverse cultural backgrounds, with the goal of mirroring the city’s own vibrant, active community and promoting lifelong learning, health, and social connection.

The Centre’s flowing roof structure and site circulation patterns reference the natural history of Richmond as a river delta city. Diverse program elements are unified by a continuous hybrid wood and steel roof structure. It flows along the building’s east façade and colonnade in a gesture of openness and welcome, redefining the site circulation, drawing patrons into the heart of the park, and creating a clear identity.

Driven by geotechnical considerations, the terraced pool design prompted innovation, with an infinity pool edge exposed at the sloped deck areas. The infinity edge acts as a resting spot, transfer point, and bench for patrons who need a little more time or assistance getting into the pools. By allowing the option for individuals to transfer out of chairs into the water, the design also extends the range of abilities that can access the pools with dignity.

The wavy Minoru roof made from a light glulam wood.
A soccer field with Minoru in the background.

Minoru Centre for Active Living is a place where a diverse and intergenerational community can come together, supporting wellness for everyone.

Someone helping someone put a chair lift into the pool, while there are floor to ceiling windows behind.
Studios filled with spirit

The boogie knows no bounds. A dance class for seniors at the Minoru Centre for Active Living ensures there's joy in every step. 50, 60, 70, 80… once the music gets going, every pretense falls away.

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Design process
A diagram of the Minoru roof.
hcma'ers writing on a blueprint of the Building
A birds-eye-view of a model of the building.

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