Ink and watercolour sketch of the proposed Golden Aquatic Centre pools.

Columbia Shuswap Regional District Aquatic Centre Feasibility Study


Columbia–Shuswap, BC

Originally opened in 1978, Golden’s outdoor pool has played an essential role in the community as a beloved amenity summer after summer. But, as the facility continues to age as the community around it evolves, so too has the need for a year-round, indoor aquatic centre become increasingly clear.

hcma, with support from recreation planning consultant GDH Solutions, was engaged by the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) in partnership with the Town of Golden to assess the feasibility of a new indoor aquatic centre, exploring the technical design and cost implications based on a wide range of input from the community. Our Communication Design team developed “On Deck,” a campaign to capture the aspirations of community members and establish a unifying vision for a future aquatic centre and key principles to support that vision.

Record levels of participation throughout the engagement process highlighted the potential for the new facility to be a community hub that brings the citizens of Golden together, supports the growth of young families in the area, and acts as a landmark that reflects the unique character and identity of the region.

With key learnings from the feasibility stage and widespread community support, the CSRD has recently kicked off fundraising efforts for the facility. A referendum to approve the capital loan needed to make the centre a reality was held in October 2022. That day, the community voted overwhelmingly in support of the project: 1,477 Yes votes to 573 No votes.

Led by hcma, the development of the new aquatic centre is officially underway, with a refreshed On Deck brand continuing to bring excitement and vitality to the project.


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