Realistic rendering of a large boxy, wooden college with windows as walls.

Brentwood College School Academic & Administration Building


Mill Bay, BC

Brentwood College School is a campus on the water, in a tall forested inlet facing Mt. Baker. The views over the water at sunrise are unparalleled; rowing regattas a rite of passage. Seen from the water, the campus responds to the rocky shore — a natural rhythm of building and green space along High Street, its academic axis.

hcma was engaged to replace the aging William T. Ross Academic Centre with new, flexible, state-of-the-art learning spaces that realize the independent school’s vision of the future, including the capacity to serve a growing school population.

The new academic building will have one interior central space as social heart, collaborative and breakout spaces have access to views and natural light, prioritized views for admissions and commons to the inlet and Mt Baker, and integrated spaces for administration.


Areas of impact

Inside of building with a staircase
View of Interior lobby from balcony

Brentwood College School’s vision is to set the standard globally for inspirational and transformative learning, preparing Grade 8-12 students for the challenges of post-secondary education. The new Brentwood Academic & Administrative Building exemplifies this vision by creating an innovative space to promote discovery, inspire development and performance, and be the path forward in academic excellence. It’s a place where students, educators, and the community can come together to explore and push the limits of their abilities.

Outside view of large college building with a lot of windows
Design Response

We began our approach to design through the lens of flexibility. Paramount was the need to allow for change — the changing nature of education, collaboration, and creativity — and provide for the future needs of the school.

The new 6,730 m2 facility will encourage student interaction and a modern approach to problem solving. It will contain academic learning spaces, administrative offices, a community engagement space for up to 150 people, Learning Commons, boathouse, science labs, collaborative spaces, outdoor learning spaces, and sustainable infrastructure — all capitalizing on its proximity to nature and the opportunities a waterfront site affords.

People pulling down canoes from a boathouse
Classroom with large window

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