A render of a birds-eye-view of the Aboriginal Mother Centre Rezoning.

Aboriginal Mother Centre Rezoning


Vancouver, BC

The Aboriginal Mother Centre Society (AMCS) is redeveloping the site of its existing building to better support Indigenous mothers in their goal to regain and retain their children and achieve self-sufficiency. The new and larger facility will provide longer term family rental housing along with all of the functions of the existing 30,000 square foot building. hcma is working closely with BC Housing and the AMCS to realize their vision.

More than a housing project, the new mixed-used building will support residential, retail, community, and light industrial services. It will include two- and three-bedroom suites, one bedroom suites for mothers with very young children and for women elders who require longer term accommodation, daycare facilities, commercial and community facilities and underground parking. The project will comply with the City of Vancouver’s Zero Emission Buildings Policy and aims to explore innovative design for housing families at high densities.

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