(Re)introducing Tilt by hcma

A constellation-like pattern was created from the TILT logo letters against the dark brand colour suggestive of a night sky.

Tilt’s back, with a fresh new look and fresh experiences to help us see the world a little differently. 

Coming out of the pandemic, we felt it was an important time to reaffirm Tilt’s impact on our work and continued commitment to discovery, with a new identity that plays on the idea of constant experimentation and evolution. 

What is Tilt?

Tilt is the fuel to hcma’s creative fire. It’s where we step out of our comfort zones and explore the unknown. It’s a space to connect with artists, researchers, and thinkers; to consider unique approaches to social problems, and to celebrate the discovery process.  

Tilt sparks new ideas, challenges perceptions, and brings myriad wonders into the everyday. We ask questions, without fixed answers. We learn. We unlearn. We embrace friction and value different perspectives. And we invite you to join the exploration.

A comparison of the old TILT logo verses the new. The old logo says "TILT", but the last "T" is upside-down and it is set in a bold sans-serif font. The new logo is made from the letters in "TILT" which are spread apart, up and down, with lots of room between each letter.
New look, same commitment

Tilt’s malleable new identity reflects the ever-changing connections between people, places, ideas, and nature.

Moving away from its stoic, bold architectural approach—and inspired by the vibrancy and warmth of hcma’s new identity—the new brand plays on the idea of constant experimentation and evolution. A sea of curiosity that transforms as we continue to learn, while celebrating the magic that happens when we open the door to different perspectives and dive into new creative processes. 

The result is an atmospheric brand that marks Tilt as a distinct entity, yet an integral part of hcma.

A line up of black cored pencils branded with the TILT logo and a thin green line enclosing the letters. A custom TILT rubber stamp was made to brand a variety of TILT items, including envelopes. A group shot of the TILT invitation with its matching envelope.

We'll be sharing more about Tilt's new identity in the coming weeks. Now it's over to you.

Step out of your comfort zone

Join in, share your ideas, and help push Tilt into places yet discovered.

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