An optimistic outlook for the future of hcma

Image of the three new hcma associate principals, Darin Harding, Alexanders Kenyan, and Aiden Callison in the Alley-oop laneway in Vancouver.

As we pass the forty-six year milestone of hcma's rich history, we now turn our attention towards the possibilities that lie ahead for the decades to come.

We’re excited to announce that Aiden Callison, Ali Kenyon, and Darin Harding are entering new roles as Associate Principals at hcma, the latest stepping stone we’ve placed in our firm’s evolutionary path.

This new role enables broadened participation in the strategic direction and leadership of the firm, increasing the diversity of voices that inform our efforts to maximize impact. With this title comes the opportunity for greater influence, and a platform for these leaders to champion the matters close to their hearts. Further, in alignment with our commitment to an interdisciplinary practice, this role creates advancement opportunities for leaders without architectural backgrounds to participate in the firm at the Principal level in the future.

These three leaders signal a lineage of hcma-ers and our commitment to generational leadership. With this decision, we celebrate the lasting impact they’ve made as longstanding, integral members of the team, and solidify their future legacy as hands that will help to shape the future of hcma for many years to come.

For our clients, this means increased access to key leaders at the table, and further efficiency through empowered decision-making. Many of you have worked closely with these individuals and have experienced their ingenuity firsthand. Indeed, this change is an affirmation of the profound, unique impact that Aiden, Ali, and Darin have each made during their tenure at hcma.

Aiden is an Indigenous architect who brings a perspective that is essential to advancing reconciliation in the work that we do with an extensive history of co-creation and collaboration amongst communities on the projects he leads. Ali contributes an interdisciplinary lens to all projects through the integration of placemaking, inclusive design, and communication design, blazing new trails on projects that veer boldly off the beaten path. Darin has led the delivery of high performance sport and recreation facilities that are inclusive to community members with varying needs and desires.

Together, their contributions have been central to our mission, vision, and who we are as an organization. 

We are so proud of them, as leaders, peers, and dear friends of ours at hcma. With renewed optimism, we look boldly toward a future of positive impact alongside Aiden, Ali, and Darin!

"I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the significant growth and vital role that Aiden, Ali, and Darin have played since they each joined the firm and carved a path forward. With this announcement, the Principals and I recognize the contributions they’ve made, and our faith in them as current and future leaders. With our sights set far into the future, it is important that we make decisions now that empower the next generation of hcma-ers, while increasing the diversity of voices that guide both the delivery of projects and the broader direction of the firm. Through this, we place our best foot forward in our collective effort to make a difference to the issues that matter."

—Darryl Condon, Managing Principal

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