Travis Skinner

May 2019 - October 2019



Travis Skinner is a metal and wood artist with a keen interest in architecturally related sculpture. A lifelong student of art, history, and philosophy, his artwork invokes all three subjects to connect with a folkloric knowledge of previous generations. Using only a few hand tools, Travis’ residency will focus on the process of taking a log and transforming it into a finished sculpture. No hardware stores, no middle men. Just his hands, axes, and a tree. During his first workshop, Travis introduced the idea that a beautiful process will produce beautiful results. He challenged us to think about how that applies to our own creative processes within the office.

Artist Statement

The concept of social justice evokes the balance of resources for a healthy and hearty society. I believe craft, and the general act of creation, is a stimulus toward finding the true meaning of beauty. Through a connection with each media, we gain a relationship that can guide a process of design that accentuates the virtues of the media.

The bowl represents a vessel for resource allocation. It’s an ancient human form that has a myriad of manifestations over time, representative of the cultural identity that shaped them. It’s through connecting with the processes of these ancient cultures that we can gain new perspectives on resource allocation to use materials in the most prudent and beautiful ways.

The carved Justice Bowl before it was stained. Travis Skinner carving in the hcma office. Travis Skinner's completed artifact, Justice Bowl, displayed in the reception area of the hcma Vancouver office.

My collaboration with hcma allowed for a creative relationship that conceptually directed the project. The doorway carved into the inner sphere of the bowl is representative of a pathway for communication and connection with which that which fulfils us.

Though fulfilment is always changing, a community of people can help each other reach for social justice in the activities of our daily lives, and the lives of those around us.

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