Marni Bowman is a transdisciplinary designer whose materials-driven projects utilize wide-ranging research, tying in history, science, speculation, trends and more to propose new material systems. While the medium differs with each project, the overarching theme in her body of work proposes alternative models of co-existing with nature that ask the viewer to supplant disbelief with an amused optimism.

Marni is based in unceded Coast Salish territory (Vancouver). She holds a BSc. from the University of British Columbia, is a certified Cabinetmaker, and has a design practice under the name Franklin St. Studio. Upon receiving an Experimenta scholarship, Marni attended Elisava University in Barcelona, Spain, where she completed a MDes. in Design Through New Materials, her thesis project receiving Gold in the Professional Edition awards. Marni has taught at Elisava University, presented at Emily Carr University, and Guangzhou University, and has been published in Designboom, Western Living Magazine, and Plural Magazine.