Roxanne Nesbitt

July 2018 - September 2018



Roxanne Nesbitt is a designer, musician and sound artist based in Vancouver, Canada. She is interested in the convergence of sound, design, and motion.

As an artist, Roxanne has worked with choreographers, drummers, architects, designers and other creatives. These collaborations explore everything from the design of large-scale spatial instruments to original percussion instruments that facilitate an unorthodox vocabulary of movement. With a Masters of Architecture from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Music from the University of Alberta, Roxanne has the potential to spark our curiosity and influence our practice in new and unique ways.

During her residency at hcma, Roxanne refined one of her acoustic pieces for public installation. Titled 'Minor 6th', the piece applies principles from musical instrument design to architectural interventions to make music-like sounds from the pedestrian step. A version of 'Minor 6th' has been shown at GlogauAIR in Berlin but this will be the first time it has been shared with the public.

Through collaboration with our staff, Roxanne tested the piece (currently in our studio) and hopes to find an appropriate location for its public installation. Collectively we explored the intersection between music and architecture, asking questions about the tonality of everyday materials and seeing how the sounds of everyday objects, spaces and bodies shape our experience.

Minor 6th was unveiled at our Vancouver studio in early October 2018, during the event we were lucky enough to see contemporary dancer Rianne Svelnis perform on the piece. If you would like to visit Roxanne's work please get in touch with us at

hcma staff members at the Roxanne Nesbitt workshop. Roxanne Nesbitt lying on her installation in the hcma Vancouver office lobby. Various sized marble and rock tiles and a small bird house leaning against a fence.

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