Allow us to reintroduce ourselves

hcma logo rebrand wood puzzle.

Like you, we want to live in a world where people feel connected to their communities. Where we can work together to make a lasting difference to the issues that matter.

Of course, the problems we're all facing—both socially and environmentally, and exacerbated by the past year—are complex and interdependent. Architecture alone can’t fix them. Nor strategy, design, or engagement. But together, we believe we can make a difference. 

That belief drives our evolution, and with it, our new identity. It’s an expression of hcma’s collective strength as a group of curious individuals, with different backgrounds, passions, and expertise. It's also our promise to you: to invite you further into the process. To break down barriers and make architecture and design accessible to everyone.

So together, we can help strengthen the bonds of community.

A collective approach to complex challenges

For some time now, we’ve been searching for answers to some fiendishly complex questions. How can we design meaningful, yet easily-accessible ways for people to connect? How can we create long-term impact, in a rapidly-changing world? And how can we help communities tackle their most pressing challenges in ways that are kinder to people, and kinder to the planet.

We’re still searching for the answers. But, we do know one thing: human connections run through this journey. They bring us closer to the meaningful change that drives us. If we’re to connect the dots and help solve these challenges, we need to keep step back, invite new perspectives, and give people freedom to explore what makes them tick. 

That’s the magic to creating impact. Encourage relentless curiosity, and then apply it.

Discover the design behind our new identity.

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