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Why 'The Space Between'?

As architects and designers, our role is to turn problems into opportunities for the communities we serve. But, to do our job, we need space. Space to pause, to observe, to think, to share, to question, to be inspired, and to have new ideas.

It’s this space, The Space Between, that feeds our creative brain and allows us to create a positive impact through our actions.

Testing The Law of Interesting

The Law of Interesting is a simple concept. It states:

“The more interesting things you put out there, the more interesting things come back to you.”

We’ve seen it with our TILT experiments, like our Artist in Residence program. We’ve seen it with our More Awesome Now Laneways Activations. And, we’ve seen it when people talk openly about their passions.

All of those things brought new people into our world, sparked new relationships, and taught us different ways of shifting our perspective. What will this bring?

How it works

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For the curious

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