The Space Between

Three still images from The Space Between video series which feature the positive community impact of hcma-designed community spaces.

For some time now, we've been talking about The Space Between. The humble in-between spaces like lobbies and hallways, stairwells and park benches, that tend to be overlooked in planning.

Yet, after forty years of designing community buildings, we’ve discovered that when designed well, in-between spaces are catalysts for memorable connections. The conversation held with a stranger while watching a game, the coffee shared between neighbours, the mentorship provided to someone learning a new skill… This is where the magic happens.

Regardless of building typology, size, or purpose, we know that all public buildings have the potential to serve this social mandate; we’ve seen it firsthand. So, we set out to capture the unique moments of connection that give a facility its richness.

"Public spaces have the power to foster understanding, inspire meaningful community participation and ownership, and instill joy. Every park, market, street and alleyway is a litmus test for belonging."

Jay Pitter, Canadian Placemaker and Author

Joining us on the journey is long-time friend and collaborator Inder Nirwan of Kahani Pictures.

Inder founded Kahani Pictures from a deep love of people and their stories. After more than a decade in the film and television industry, he recognized the power of authentic storytelling —from diverse community voices —to galvanize and inspire people. Our partnership was formed on a mutual vision to uncover the overlooked and amplify the positive potential of our communities.

The films of The Space Between series share slices of life in some of hcma’s favorite civic facilities. Each story captures a personal perspective, while celebrating our universal need for human connection.

A need that is more pronounced than ever.

These videos are a gentle reminder of all that can be gained when we open ourselves up —to new experiences, different ways of seeing the world, and most importantly, to each other.

A new video will be released on (and our social channels) every Tuesday morning up until December 6th – you’re invited to follow along. 

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