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We are supporting the Binners' Project in creating something life-changing.

But, we need your help.

A binner is someone who makes a living by collecting bottles, cans, and coffee cups from the trash and taking them to the recycling depot for a small fee.

You’ve no doubt seen them around, but most people aren't aware of their impact. One binner alone, Michael Leland, has diverted almost one million recyclables away from Vancouver's landfill. 

Unfortunately, it's a job that gets stigmatized.

Together we can change that.

Earlier this year, hcma helped raise more than $45,000 to develop a cart-share system that would help the binners collect more recyclables and legitimize their role in society.

We heard this week that the carts need to be unlocked by voice command (rather than credit-card, fob, or key which could easily be lost or stolen).

No doubt, that's an awesome feature. But, to develop it they need to raise an additional $3,500.

Can you help?

If you’re able to donate anything to this incredible cause, please do. The Binners' Project is already changing people's lives, and its impact could spread far beyond Vancouver.

To find out more, download the Binners' Project 2018 Annual Report, or watch the promo video we produced.

Please donate today. 

Why a universal cart system?

For decades, discarded shopping carts have been the hallmark of binning.

But, they just don't quite do the job.

While they reduce the risk of injury, shopping carts are not built for hard work on the street. They're noisy and cause stigma, as people think you stole it.

Binners need something purpose-built to improve their earning potential, environmental impact, and personal safety. 

So, in 2017, the Binners' Project, hcma, and a working group from across the tech, design, and engineering communities began developing the cart-share system.

The prototype launched in 2018 with great success, and the last push in getting this project over the line is funding the voice-command technology.

If you can help, please donate today. 

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