Well, this isn't quite how we imagined announcing this. But, our new Edmonton office is open for business!

Of course, it's not actually open. Physically anyway. Like the rest of the world, it's operating via Zoom from our living rooms. 

(This week would have been the launch party, but hey, we can save that for another time.)

The backstory

hcma was born in B.C., but our people are from all over—some local, some from the Prairies, and some international.

That mixed of backgrounds has shaped our worldview, and with it comes two constant themes: the value of community connection in solving problems, and a deep commitment to a sustainable future.

To those of us from the Prairies, there's nothing stronger than the call of home.

And so, in recent years we've been venturing further East, working on some incredible projects, while meeting some even more incredible people. We wanted to be a part of that culture more permanently.

Why Edmonton?

While this is a Prairies story, we needed a base. Nowhere made more sense than Edmonton. 

We're drawn to its civic leadership and its community-focused values. We want to contribute to its growing design scene, and work with other architects, designers, and artists. 

Most of all, we want to continue engaging with local communities. We want to understand their challenges, listen to their desires, and design solutions that make them happier, healthier, and more connected. 

Building the office with Edmontonions

Michael Rivest is our newest Associate. He's an experienced architect who believes the building block of community come from a sense of connection. You can read more about Michael through his perspective piece.

Michael is joined by Zaid Tanveer, our new architectural intern, and at Partner level, Michael Henderson will oversee the office.

How it's designed

We took the best bits from our Vancouver and Victoria offices and applied them here.

Big gathering spaces for community events. Quiet areas for deep work. Moveable furniture for flexibility. Creator spaces for future Artists in Residence. And, a coffee machine that's always on. 

When will the office open?

We're planning how we will return to all of our offices, but, until it's safe and everybody's 100% comfortable, Zoom licenses and headsets will suffice.

We are actively taking on new projects, so if there's something in Edmonton you'd like to talk to us about, think there are people we should meet, or just want to say hi, then do reach out. 

Stay safe, and (hopefully) see you soon.