Rance Mok

Director, Learning Environments


“In a time of complex social and ecological problems requiring urgent action, every person must reflect on the role they play, and the impact they have in their communities.”

With 10 years of experience at hcma, Rance enjoys collaborating with people who are looking to improve their built environments and bring their visions to life. She values long-term relationships, and ensuring that her work is respectful and reciprocal. She also frames her practice through a lens of barrier reduction, both physically and socially, moving towards more inclusive and accessible spaces.

Rance’s key skill is her rigorous project management, which favours open communication and trust between clients, design teams, and construction teams. She has experience in a range of sectors in public buildings (including recreational and municipal projects), but is currently focused on the K-12 education sector. She has worked on Oak Bay High School, Royal Bay Secondary Expansion, Royal Roads University’s Sherman Jen Building, and the PEXSISEN Elementary and Centre Mountain Lellum Middle Schools.

In her spare time, Rance likes to cook, but more importantly, she likes to eat. She believes the humble pickle is the cornerstone of every great cuisine.