Alexandra Kenyon

Associate Principal

“I’m curious about the constant change in our cities and communities. I’m motivated to explore their nooks and crannies to understand what drives their transformation and anticipate where they are headed.”

Alexandra is interested in the relationship between buildings, their cultural context, and the spaces that surround them. As such, her projects are anchored in engagement with the community, and include significant outdoor spaces, in connection with interior spaces. She is committed to providing design solutions where activities and ideas mix to catalyze community change, now and in the future.

Alexandra brings experience leading teams and developing designs for public spaces, aquatic and recreation centres, schools, outdoor pools, and development master plans. She enjoys working directly with stakeholders, policy makers, builders, and the local community to arrive at new solutions. Her interdisciplinary background, first in industrial design then architecture, influences the success she has had across project scales – Alley Oop and Ackery’s Alley are a couple of her non-traditional projects that reshape the city’s urban landscape, while the təməsew̓txʷ Aquatic and Community Centre brings a new top-of-class civic amenity to a challenging site.

She also played a key role in the development of hcma’s books, POOLS: Aquatic Architecture and PLACES: Public Architecture, and our collaboration with Aeriosa Dance Company. Alexandra is a Steering Committee member for the Downtown Eastside organization Binners’ Project and a member of Surrey Advisory Design Panel.