There is maybe nothing more satisfying than starting to see the bones of a design solution to a difficult ask. The moment when architecture begins to provide an interpretation of how an abstract index of needs fits into the world as physical space is pure delight.

For Vanessa, it's all about the joy of discovery. From quickly iterating ideas while unearthing a solution to visiting a completed project, she seeks the moments of delight along the way.

Her welcoming and curious nature creates fast and trusted connections with both her clients and team members, allowing for a unified path of exploration. Vanessa's care for personal connections rings true in her work and she considers the impact in architecture to live in the spaces where people come together. Her work is focused on welcoming people into a spectrum of introverted to extroverted spaces, reflecting on the widely varying needs of our communities.

Vanessa played a key role in the establishment of hcma's Edmonton office, both in its interior design and working between provinces acting as a cultural bridge across our three locations. As an Associate, Vanessa thrives in the sweet spot of driving an initial concept into a thoughtful and functional design.

With a history deeply embedded in the arts along with her rigor for detail and a full understanding of the task at hand, Vanessa brings a unique skillset of creativity and logic to her work. Her experience ranges in scale from wine bar to community recreation centre, and brings with it a lens of inclusivity and interior design.

Vanessa enjoys a range of outdoor activities, a solid workout, and a good book. She can be found as often as possible in her happy place, her family cabin on Vancouver Island.