Sabrina is 1 part enthusiastic, 2 parts environmental activist, 3 parts Jane-of-all -trades, and remaining parts activity junkie. Her daily practice is defined by clever repurposing, hedonistic environmentalism, and community building. She is often told her greatest strength is her relentless insistence to bring everyone along, a galvanizer of sorts. But if you ask her she will tell you its multitasking and a good sense of humor.

She graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University's School of Interior Design and worked in design-build before trying her hand at project acquisitions. Motivated to learn more about the what goes on before CAD, BIM and a laundry list of consultants, she has spent the last year learning everything there is to know about crafting a stellar proposal and a winning fee.

She is driven by a desire to make the world a better place through mindful design that addresses radical environmental best practices and thoughtful community engagement. But she also confessed, the need to create some fun in an industry that often feels overly serious is often her more honest compass.