Each decision we make during the design process is a vote for the people we want to be, the type of lives we want to live, and the legacy that we want to leave for future generations

Dorian has worked in the architectural field for the last 14 years, and for him, it’s about creating places for people. To deliver impactful projects, he begins by understanding the needs of the client and the community, and the unique spirit of place and context. Driven to build relationships and work collaboratively, Dorian believes his role is as much about orchestration, synthesis, and facilitation, as it is about creation.

Energized by interesting problems that require novel solutions, Dorian brings technical acumen, design innovation, and a passion for leveraging Building Information Modeling to drive project success. As a Project Architect, Dorian has worked on projects from pre-design through construction administration. His keen understanding of technical building requirements, combined with project management and people skills has enabled him to see projects through to successful completion.