I'm at my creative best when I'm engaged in helping people solve problems.

Daniel enjoys the delight in people's eyes when they experience things he’s helped create. He thrives when teams pull together to realize a collective vision and is driven by a perpetual desire to find a better way for communities to grow.

Daniel has expertise in recreation, civic and institutional projects, with a focus on post-secondary education and student residences. He loves how the simplicity and tactile expression of a building’s form, material, and interplay of light, helping to bring joy and meaningful experience to our everyday.

With a background in journalism, Daniel has always been curious in the stories of how people live, work and play. He possesses strong communication skills that are invaluable on projects with complex stakeholder groups. His study of architecture has taken him across the globe, including studios in Chile and Korea, and earned him a travel scholarship to research sustainable practices in northern Europe.