POOLS: Aquatic Architecture

Edited By

Trevor Boddy

Foreword By

Ron Keenberg

A spread from "POOLS: Aquatic Architecture" showing a graphic of a pool with a list of pools by hcma on the side.

POOLS: Aquatic Architecture is the definitive book on the design of public swimming pools. Ranging from small neighbourhood facilities to destination multi-sports complexes for the Olympic Games, the nine aquatic buildings shown within document the evolution of contemporary design thinking for this building type.

Illustrated with 268 photographs, drawings, diagrams and construction details, the 180-page book is an unrivaled source for information on pool design, from their social ambitions to their construction features. Each example of aquatic architecture is explained in non-technical language, and with its inspiring photography and lucid drawings. The book will be of interest to casual swimmers, as well as recreation officials, parks managers, architects, engineers and fans of leading edge design. Read our POOLS Manifesto, just one of the essays in this publication.

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