Climate change is a significant challenge for our generation and our built environment plays a pivotal part in overcoming this. We spend 90% of our time living, working and playing in buildings, yet the health of the people who use them and the health of the planet haven’t traditionally been put high enough on the agenda.

A recent re-evolution of ‘passive’ design solutions that work in harmony with the natural environment is being spearheaded by a building standard known as ‘Passive House’ (Passivhaus). This high performance standard discards prescriptive green building ‘formula’ in favour of a flexible, performance-based approach.

It produces healthy, affordable buildings that consume up to 90% less heating and cooling energy than conventional buildings. That’s why we like it.

Our Passive House standard experience includes:

We're thrilled to see the Passive House standard applied to a diverse range of buildings, from schools to community centres. To learn more and discuss how it can benefit your project, please get in touch to request a Passive House presentation.

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