Water-based exercise is proven to improve mental health by decreasing depression and anxiety, in addition to encouraging social connections across varied demographics.

hcma has been working with the Vancouver Parks Board on a 10-year aquatics strategy called VanSplash to chart a course for the future of aquatics in the city, an initiative that is close to our hearts.

The phase 1 findings report was presented to the Park Board this week, and included three components:

  1. A very successful public and stakeholder outreach, including more than 4,500 survey responses
  2. A current-state analysis of their aquatics system
  3. A precedent study to gain inspiration from other cities around the world

The future of aquatics in Vancouver looks bright, with ideas explored including natural pools, harbor decks, urban beaches and a floating pool. Read a quick summary in Metro News and Global News.

Phase 2 consultation begins later this summer, and we are excited to see how this work will help shape the future of aquatics in Vancouver. Learn more about the project in our VanSplash case study.