As part of our ongoing involvement as a lead partner of Vancouver Design Week, which celebrated all things Vancouver Design for one weekend this year in advance of it's return to a full program in 2018, Managing Principal, Darryl Condon was profiled for their In the Spotlight blog.  You can read insights from other local designers on via the link, and we've included a copy of Darryl's responses here.

Design is....transformative.

Why does it matter?

The challenges we face today, whether they be local, regional or global, are not linear. They require solutions that are best found in creative strategic problem solving coupled with meaningful community engagement. This is precisely what strong design methodology is capable of addressing.

What differentiates Vancouver design (from the rest of the world)?

We are in a unique position of being on the edge of the North American continent, shielded by mountain range from the mainstream. We have the freedom to look both west and east for inspiration and influence and are able to fit comfortably in either context. Furthermore the long tradition of socially progressive thinking in our region has led to a powerful blend of responsible design thinking.

What impact is (Vancouver ) design having?

For too long we have been preoccupied as an exporter of raw materials. Increasingly we are becoming an exporter of ideas. The world is fascinated with Vancouver, both as a place and as a social construct, and this provides a natural opportunity to extend this good will and fascination to our ideas and our creative impulses. It is only the beginning.

What design impacts are you most proud of / What impact potential are you most excited about?

What I am currently most proud of is the manner in which we are re-designing our firm with a focus on increasing our social impact. Through this process we are adding greater meaning to our work and being invited into new conversations and challenges. This is highly motivating for us. What excites me most about our potential impact is the opportunity to blend design disciplines in a way that both improve the results of our traditional design services and creatives new notions of what constitutes a design service. The world of design in continually evolving and we are in an exciting time of change. Vancouver is poised to play a key role in this transformation.