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TILT Moment?

Great ideas can happen spontaneously and have a lasting positive effect on the world. Inspiration requires stepping away from the day-to-day, and taking a moment to do something different and inquisitive.

TILT Moments

My Tilt Moment

On Saturday June 18th, Eli, Zoe and I attended an audio visual smorgasbord in Victoria. The event was hosted at the Crag X climbing gym on Pandora. Attendees were told to bring their pillows along to lie on the floor and soak in the sounds and projections. The experience was rather meditative. I loved the unique combination of venue, content, crowd and format. I would love to see more experimentation like this!

L’Artisan Electronic

Hand craft meets digital output at the Bellevue Art Museum. This design station sits next to a 3d printer which builds the designs in real time. It is fascinating to use but even more so to watch children test its limits.

Laneway luncheon

As we begin the design process for laneway interventions in Downtown Vancouver we spend time occupying the lanes in order to tilt our understanding of what is possible there.

Solid Liquid Ether

Proud of the final video version of the dance piece “Solid Liquid Ether” created by our artist in residence, choreographer Heather Myers.

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Micro Architecture

FEIT’s Man vs. Machine

Tomorrow’s design firms…

"What does all this suggest for tomorrow’s design firms? That they should redefine what they do and how they do it. Rather than dealing primarily with nouns (places) they should expand their reach to include verbs (processes). They should embrace the entire lifecycle of design, from conception through documentation through delivery through occupancy. They should partner with software firms, social scientists, and public health officials to create truly interactive environments that are safe, healthy and productive. They should change their business models to embrace risk and get paid based on value actually delivered. Designers should be strategic thinkers and leaders, not only in the community but in corporate boardrooms. Where there is a CEO, a COO, a CIO, and a CFO, there should also be a CDO — Chief Design Officer. That person might also be called Le Grande Fromage (or Big Cheese). After all, it’s been moved."

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