What if a group of creative citizens got together for one day and created temporary urban interventions in our city?

TILT City is a one day event we developed to find out! TILT City is a creative community engagement event hosted as one of our TILT curiosity labs initiatives.

Held as part of SFU Public Square’s one week long 2015 Community Summit: We the City in November 2015, TILT partnered with SFU Public Square to host a day of public interventions, and invited design professionals, students, and members of the public to join us in conceiving of clever ways to temporarily activate urban spaces in downtown Vancouver. We challenged participants to create an urban intervention that would ‘activate’ a space within a 10 minute walking radius of TILT City headquarters - located at the Permanent Building in downtown Vancouver. Participants were arranged into teams, and spaces in the city were established for each team by a dart thrown onto a city map. Teams were then given that day to develop an idea for an intervention on their site, to build/install/create their temporary intervention, film/photograph what they had done, remove their work, and present the results to the larger group – all before the end of a typical workday!

Watch a short video of the incredible results. We learned from TILT City that even very small creative interventions can transform spaces in the public realm, and while our interventions were temporary - we hope that their impact is lasting.

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