I believe in the creative power of design to work with the natural world to create healthy environments for people that are climate positive and nature regenerative.

In the world of environmental performance, Kaitlyn is a tactical visionary.

As Senior Advisor, Sustainability + Social Impact, she translates research into reality. Her evidence-based approach takes literature often left shelved away and applies it to build rigorous business cases for clients. She utilizes her expertise to help clients identify opportunities to create spaces for people and the natural world to thrive.

Kaitlyn’s unique background in both technical engineering and social sciences empowers her to consider not only how to incorporate sophisticated health, sustainability, and climate resilience strategies into projects, but also how these strategies can transcend environmental performance to fit within a vision where people will flourish. Her focus on the end-user considers a legacy beyond the site alone, ultimately emphasizing the intricate nature of health and wellbeing through a lens of justice and equity.

When exploring what’s possible, Kaitlyn infuses positivity into her work with clients. She balances seemingly conflicting interests with ease, keeping one hand on the pulse of a conversation and responding adaptively as varying needs arise