The More Awesome Now team has reimagined the laneway behind the Orpheum theatre into a space for public art, performance, and connection. We will be dressing up the alley with red velvet paint, artful signage, gold paneling, reflective metals, vertical projection walls, and a 10-foot diameter white inflatable orb. The alley will also be home to FIELD, an interactive public art installation by renowned international artist, Alex Beim of Tangible Interaction.

FIELD will work like a large musical and light instrument that creates a unique composition every time someone moves through it. With its potential for constant reinvention, FIELD in Ackery’s Alley taps into the basic human instincts to play and explore.

Together with our partners, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund FIELD in Ackery's Alley and we were blown away by the response. 428 of you pledged nearly $65,000 to help bring FIELD to life. And we can’t thank you enough.

You helped us beat our original campaign goal of $35,000 by almost $30,000. You guys are incredible—all of you in Vancouver and everyone from around the world that contributed to this. You’ve sent a message that you value public art and spaces that foster social connection and interaction—and that you want see more of it.

We want to give a very special thank you to the following organizations who generously supported us: