Making a positive impact to people's lives is central to everything we do at hcma. In the ways we work, design, give back, and connect - we are catalysts for healthier, more creative, more engaged communities. With this in mind, each month we make a charity donation to a worthy cause that shares our values of community building, environmental sustainability and social sustainability. Our employees are the driving force behind this initiative, they choose charities close to their heart and this month's recipient is Run for Water Society chosen by Jecel:

I have chosen Run for Water Society for this month’s HCMA Charity donation recipient. I think that they meet our criteria for community building, environmental and social sustainability and they engage in work that changes people’s lives in a significant and positive way both locally and internationally. Run For Water Society share the goal of promoting healthy physical activity and community spirit as well as raising funds for clean water development in under-privileged communities.

This year they are raising money for the people in Sasiga, Ethopia. Currently children like Selamnesh have to walk 2 hours to get water that is full of bacteria and disease...with our help they can change this and bring clean water to the 4,000 people in Sasiga. A donation of $35 brings one person clean water for life and with HCMA’s donation, we’ll be giving 5 people clean water FOR LIFE!

Last year I had the opportunity to run my first half marathon with Run for Water, learn about their current projects, and hear from the local community about how it’s impacted their lives. One story that stuck to me was when they mentioned an increase of female students attending school after they had built washrooms with clean running water because they no longer had to stay home during their menstrual cycle. Up until that point I never really gave it much thought: how a females development from girl to adulthood could impact their education because they have little to no access to clean water.

One thing that I missed most during my travels was clean drinking water. How lucky I am and we are in Vancouver to have an abundant supply of water with a turn of a faucet. How amazing would it be if everyone had access to that basic need.

Run for Water describes the connection between health and clean water as “runners possess an acute understanding of the importance of hydration – how critical clean drinking water is to sustaining fitness, health and life.” As an an “avid runner” (weather permitting), I can definitely attest to this!

Run for Water is a Canadian Charity, based in Abbotsford; they organize a range of events including full and half marathons, 10 and 5k runs and a trail run. Visit their website to get involved and donate to this fantastic charity.